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Teaching & Learning

Alina Ball

Professor of Law; Director of Social Enterprise & Economic Empowerment Clinic; Faculty Co-Director of Center for Racial and Economic Justice

Interested in helping employers create safe, inclusive, equitable workplaces.

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Courses you teach

Social Enterprise and Economic Empowerment Clinic; Business Associations.

Classroom tactics for motivating your students

I ask students each semester to identify a goal—and also a limiting thought that threatens to derail their progress. During the semester, I highlight specific instances where their performance disproves their limiting thought.

Best advice to students coping with the stresses of law school

Your presence here demonstrates that you can—and will again—overcome great obstacles.

Favorite thing about teaching here

Our wonderful clinical program. It is such a privilege to be in community with our clinical faculty. 

Greatest source of satisfaction related to your students

Witnessing my students transform into lawyers is magical—an amazing feeling every time!

Recent project you’ve spearheaded

Co-creating a podcast, “Black Hastings Speaks,” in Summer 2020 with Shauna Marshall and Areca Smit.

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