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Ayushi Neogi ’21

Interested in helping employers create safe, inclusive, equitable workplaces.

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Coolest assignment in any class

A simulation where I represented the creative director for a dance company and helped her protect the intellectual property she created there.

Particularly meaningful honor

Becoming a Hastings Provost Scholar. As the daughter of immigrants—and a first-generation lawyer—I’m grateful to Hastings for supporting my dream.

Issues that spark your passion

Constitutional law and its relevance during this global pandemic; how employers can be leaders by establishing strong diversity initiatives; food origins and culture.

Favorite UC Hastings leadership role

External Vice President, Women’s Law Society.

Career interests

Representing plaintiffs in workplace disputes; helping employers create safe, inclusive, equitable workplaces.

Dream job

Astronaut. Professional chef!

Most interesting or unusual job before law school

As a middle-school teacher, teaching yoga to hormonally stressed teenagers.

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