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Faculty Scholarship​

Ben Depoorter

Max Radin Distinguished Professor; Traynor Chair

Investigating how publicity-seeking infringers tempt right holders into enforcing IP laws in situations that create backlash.

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Focal areas

Litigation theory; law and compliance; copyright law.

Issues that spark your passion

Litigation and society; new technologies and the law.

Recent Publication

“Costly Rights: A Field Study of Symbolic Laws,” a first-of-its-kind study analyzing the unexpected harm of laws passed without providing adequate enforcement resources—examining unenforced public smoking bans.

Front burner

Publicity effects of intellectual property litigation, how publicity seeking infringers tempt right holders into enforcing intellectual property laws in situations that create public backlash.

Outside partnership

Providing analytics to tennis players on the pro tour.

Particularly meaningful honor

Selected as keynote speaker two years in a row at UC Berkeley Law’s LL.M. professional-track graduation.

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