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Teaching & Learning

Dave Owen

Harry D. Sunderland Professor of Law

Loves getting emails from graduates saying they’ve just landed a dream job.

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Courses you teach

Environmental Law; Water Law; Energy Law; Legislation and Administrative Regulation.

Classroom tactics for motivating your students

Interactive exercises that make class feel like practice—all the analytical quandaries, tactical decisions, and interpersonal engagement that make practice exciting.

Best advice to students coping with the stresses of law school

Get enough sleep, and remember that your classmates are your collaborators more often than they’re your competitors. Help them; let them help you.

Favorite thing about teaching here

Teaching students who come from a wide variety of backgrounds but have a strong, shared culture of idealism.

Greatest source of satisfaction as a teacher

Students bursting in my door or graduates emailing to say they’ve just landed a dream job.

Issues that spark your passion

I’m obsessed with helping students develop as writers.

Particularly meaningful honor

Rutter Award for Teaching Excellence 2017.

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