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Teaching & Learning

Dorit Reiss

Professor of Law

Loves engaging students through role play.

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Courses you teach

Administrative Law; Torts; Public Health Law; Courts and Politics Seminar.

Classroom tactics for engaging your students

I love working through the hypotheticals, doing group work, and providing an opportunity for role playing.

Best advice to students coping with the stresses of law school

Remember it’s a first step, and very few things are unfixable. Take care of yourself: eat well, sleep when you can, exercise. Remember that it’s stressful but also exciting—learning and growing, preparing to do meaningful work.

Greatest source of satisfaction as a teacher

Hearing from graduates how what they learned from me helps them in practice.

Initiatives you’ve spearheaded

Creating the government concentration. Setting up projects and conferences on vaccines.

Issues that spark your passion

Vaccines, bureaucracy, government accountability.

Particularly meaningful honor

Immunization Champion Award from the California Immunization Coalition.

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