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Community Cohesion

Mario Lopez ’15

Associate Director of Admissions & Diversity Initiatives

Influenced by parents from El Salvador and Guatemala, who provided opportunity through hard work and sacrifice.

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Recent community-oriented project you’ve participated in

Our California Scholars Program. In 2018, I was charged with helping recruit our inaugural California Scholars class, and I had the opportunity to work firsthand with HBCUs throughout the country identifying excellent candidates.

Particularly influential role models

My parents. I am the proud son of immigrants from El Salvador and Guatemala who came to America for a better life. Because of their hard work and sacrifice, I had the opportunity to go after my dreams.

Most important way the Hastings community enriches your life

I am most inspired by our students’ passion and determination to make a positive impact in the legal profession and society as a whole. Our students are creative, problem solvers, and passionate about making the legal profession more equitable for all—which motivates me even more to increase access and diversity within the legal profession.

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