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Community Cohesion

Morris Ratner

Provost and Academic Dean; Professor of Law

"Goodwill is the essence of community."

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Most rewarding aspects of your engagement with the UC Hastings community

I get to work with creative, thoughtful, driven people to solve problems and improve lives.

A recent community-oriented project you’ve spearheaded

I served as co-chair with CFO David Seward of the working group that developed our operational strategic plan, and I currently chair the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Working Group.

A particularly meaningful experience as a mentor

I mentored a graduate who had difficulty focusing his attention, and who was thus struggling on the bar exam. We developed a system where we would talk by phone or text whenever he got stuck in the months before the exam, sometimes multiple times per day. It worked!

Most important way the Hastings community enriches your life

I feel deep gratitude to the community for taking a leap of faith when welcoming me as a new faculty member in 2012. I pay it forward to every one of my colleagues and students. I have faith in them too. Goodwill is the essence of community.

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